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Accuquilt Studio Fabric Cutter

Accuquilt Studio Fabric Cutter

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Upgrade your quilting equipment with the Studio Fabric Cutter. This premier fabric cutting system was designed tough enough to handle the amazing amount of quilting done in quilt shops; fabric craft retail stores as well as the homes of experienced and prolific quilters. As dependable as it is precise, the studio fabric cutter makes quick work of cutting up to 10 layers of fabric for a variety of quilting, depending on the fabric weight and thickness.

You can all your GO! dies on the Studio with a GO! adaptor mat, contact us for details

Easy as 1-2-3 to use

The Studio™ fabric cutter system consists of three major components: a roller die cutter, steel-rule dies and cutting mat. The Studio system will cut almost any fabric—up to ten layers of fine fabric, six to eight for normal quilting weight . Follow these instructions for cutting letters and shapes:

Step 1

Lay die flat inside tray with FOAM SIDE UP. Place fabric on top of die. If desired, fan fold fabric to cut multiple layers. Check orientation of fabric for cutting non-symmetrical shapes. Place cutting plastic on top of fabric.

Step 2

Push die, tray and plastic until they contact roller. Turn handle in the direction you want die to go. If needed, continue pushing until roller grabs die. Roll die and tray through cutter.

Step 3

Remove cutting plastic and fabric. Occasionally, threads may need to be snipped where cutting blades meet on the die. Repeat process from opposite direction.

RRP: $1,399.00



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