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Badge machine hire only $40 for 5 days
Due to high demand badge machine hires can only be guaranteed if a deposit is paid or payment is made in full
After hours and weekend pick ups available upon request
Supplier to schools, councils, nursing homes and libraries, fetes and festivals, youth groups etc
Great for birthday parties, weddings, Mother's and Father's day stalls etc
  Days For Girls enquiries and custom made die enquiries 
Conveniently located in Coburg 

03 9041 6242 or sales@cuttingart.com.au

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Badge Making Machine Hire - includes circle cutter

Badge Machine Hire Rates Badge Machine Hire Rates (413 KB)

Badge Machine Hire Terms & Conditions Badge Machine Hire Terms & Conditions (111 KB)

       2 different sizes available: 57mm or 38mm

    Blank paper discs (57mm only )$10 for 250 / $15 for 500

       Frequently Asked Questions:

 What size badge can I make? Can the machine make magnets etc?
  • 57mm badge machine can make key rings, bottle openers, magnets and mirrors in addition to badges
  • 38mm badge machine can also make key rings and magnets in addition to badges
  • Hire is $40 for a maximum of  5 days, you can pick up and return or have it couriered to you for $20 each way (Melbourne Metro area only)
  • Courier service is only available for the Melbourne metro area. Alternatively machines can be collected for hires from Coburg
  • All components come in complete sets (front, back, mylar, key ring etc) in bags of 50
  • Badges are 40 c each. Magnets are 70c each and bottle openers, key rings and mirrors are $1.00 each
  • Circle cutter and metal cutting mat are included in the hire
  • PDF layout can be emailed to you in advance so you are ready to go once the hire begins
  • A $50 non refundable deposit is required to secure the booking 
  • Can I return unused components? Sorry, we do not take back unused components
  • Is there a website for the graphics I can use? Yes, there's a great free online site called thebuttonguy.net 

To see just how easy it is to make professional looking badges with our machine - check out the clip below.  If you need any further information or would like to arrange a hire please contact us

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